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Sneakers: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 9 Best New Sneakers for Fall 2014
Nine of the best new sneakers to get you ready for this fall's changing weather and seasonal sports.
Weatherized Style: This Fall's 6 Coolest...
A look at six of the coolest sneaker/boot hybrid designs to keep you laced up from the elements this fall and winter in style.
How to Customize Your Sneakers
A simple step-by step guide on how you can create your own customized sneakers.
Shaq Attaq: A History of Shaquille O’Neal...
A history of Shaquille O'Neal's first four signature Reebok sneakers under the Shaq Attaq moniker.
The Hottest Retro Sneakers Styles
You can't go wrong with any of the following classic sneaker styles. These timeless picks have been around for nearly two decades and are still top sellers in casual sneakers. Just pick a style and you can find it available in almost any color combination imaginable.
The 10 Best New Balance Retro Sneakers by the...
A by the numbers guide to the ten most popular New Balance retro sneakers.
A Guide to the 6 Essential Vans Sneakers
A guide to the six most essential Vans sneakers.
Sneakers for Kids with Foot Problems
Do you one of your kids have one leg longer than the other, or heel issues? Do they often find shoes uncomfortable and complain of chronic pain? These sneakers come padded with added support to make every kid happy.
The Best Online Sneaker Stores
Where to buy sneakers online.
11 Top Sneaker Options for Women in 2014
The top 11 sneaker options for the female sneaker head available in 2014.
The 5 Best Paint Markers For All Things Art
The best paint markers for customizing sneakers and artwork.
Books About Sneakers
Books on sneakers
Sneaker Stores in Bangkok
Sneaker Stores in Bangkok, Thailand
Nike Sneakers
This is list of Nike's best-selling sneakers. Includes descriptions and varieties of Air Force 1, Jordan, Dunk and Retro styles.
The Best High Top Sneakers
Looking for high top sneakers? Here is a list of cool ones out in the market today. There's something to appeal to every taste in this selection.
profile for vans sneakers
Popular Sneakers of the 70s
Popular Sneakers of the 70s
Mens Sneakers for a Business Casual Work...
A listing of great business casual sneakers for work.
Popular Sneakers of the 80s
Here's a list of the top sneaker styles that came out in the eighties, including Nike Air Force One, Reebok Classic, and Air Jordan.
Sneaker Stores in Los Angeles
Here's a list of the best sneaker stores in L.A.
Here is a glossary of terms for 'sneakerheads.' These are common words used in sneaker culture.
Nike Stores and Nike Outlets in North America
The list of Nike stores in North America. NIKETOWN locations, Nike Factory Outlets, Nike Clearance stores, Nike stores, and everything NIKE for Nike sneakers right here.
Cool Sneakers Under Fifty Bucks!
MENS SNEAKERS: Cool Sneakers Under $50
The Best Vans Shoe Styles
A slick collection of past and present sneaker styles from Vans (in no particular order).
What Your Sneakers Reveal About You
Find out what your sneakers say about you.
Heaven Cent: History of the Nike Air Penny 1
The history of Penny Hardaway's first signature shoe, the iconic Nike Air Penny 1.
Brand profile for Keds
Brand profile for Keds Shoes. Sneakers.
New Balance Sneakers for Men
The coolest kicks for men from New Balance.
The 7 Best Skate Shoes of 2014
The picks for the seven best skate shoes for 2014 straight from the About.com Sneaker Expert.
Nike Brand Profile
Profile for Nike. Sneakers.
Top 10 Mid-Top Sneakers
Mid tops rise just up to the ankle level, offering less restriction and ample ankle mobility. Check out these comfy finds.
Sneakers of the 90s
Popular Sneakers of the 90s
Montreal Sneaker Stores
Sneakers stores in Montreal.
Pleather vs. Leather Shoes
Pleather vs. Leather Shoes. Sneakers.
Brand profile for Adidas. Sneakers.
Nike Air Max 1
Review of Nike Air Max 1 sneakers
Brand Profile for Supra. Sneakers.
Mens Sneakers
The coolest and most popular sneakers styles on the streets - period!
A Bathing Ape
profile for bathing ape sneakers.
Classic Sneakers from Adidas Originals
The list of timelessly cool sneakers from Adidas Originals.
Sneaker Stores in New York
Here's a list of the best sneaker stores in New York.
Adidas Dragon
Review for the Adidas Dragon. Sneakers.
Characteristics of a True Sneakerhead
Characteristics of a True Sneakerhead
10 Best Colorways of the Nike Air Max 1
A look at the ten best colorways of one of the greatest sneakers ever, the Nike Air Max 1.
Sneaker Stores in Chicago
The Windy City sure has a lot of sneaker stores that blow over and close up shop quick, but these on this list have managed to withstand the test of time.
Kids Jordans
A comprehensive list of all kinds of Air Jordans and clothing for kids and toddlers.
3 Magic Tricks to Revamp Your Old Kicks!
3 Easy Steps to Make Your Dirty Sneakers Look New Again. Page 3.
Design Your Own Adidas
Design your own Adidas sneakers. Read the review before you start coloring your shoes!
The 10 Best Sneakers Under \$80
Cost efficient kicks. The ten best suggestions for the coolest sneakers under $80.
Sneakers for Teenage Boys
Sneakers for young men
Your Guide to the Best ASICS Retro Running Shoes
A handy guide to the best ASICS retro running shoes currently on the market.
Sneaker Stores in San Francisco
Where to buy sneakers in San Francisco
Nike Air Force 1
Review for Nike Air Force 1. Sneakers.
New Balance 574
Review of the New Balance 574. Sneakers.
King of the Force: 25 of Rasheed Wallace’...
25 of Rasheed Wallace's best Air Force 1 PE's worn throughout his career.
Sneaker Stores in Philadelphia
A list of sneaker stores in Philly.
High Top Sneakers by Nike
Here's a list of the most visible high tops by Nike.
Jordans for Men
A complete list of Jordan sneakers from Nike for men.
Custom Kicks: The 8 Best Sneakers Available on...
The 8 coolest Nike kicks available for customization right now on Nike iD.
Adidas High Top Sneakers
Here's a sweet and simple list of the hottest Adidas high tops out there today. You can find the majority of these styles in different colors and materials.
Brand profile and history for Lacoste
Nike Boots for Men
Nike Boots for Men
Nike Air Force 1 Low XXV
Review of the Nike Air Force 1 Low XXV
Sneaker Fads of the Past
Sneaker trends and fads of the 80s and nineties.
The Best Adidas Sneakers
Here's a list of the best Adidas sneakers out there today.
Fake Jordans
How to detect real Jordans from the fake.
Nike Boots for Women
Nike Boots for Women
Sneaker Stores Rhode Island
Where to buy kicks in Rhode Island? Here's a list of sneakers stores in Rhode Island.
The 7 Best New Basketball Sneakers for Fall 2014
The best new basketball sneakers on the market for fall 2014.
Kooky Sneaker Knock-Offs
Sneaker knock-offs and counterfeit designs have become a large problem. Nike and Adidas, the two highest-grossing sneaker brands in the world (Nike as number one), also are the two most counterfeited sneaker brands. As a result, the counterfeits have become increasingly difficult to spot. Yet, it's not always so hard to distinguish the authentic sneakers from the phonies. The following is a list of laughable sneaker copy attempts.
Sneaker Stores in Boston
A list of sneaker Stores in Boston
Custom Vans Shoes
The Coolest Custom Vans Shoes
Fab Flight: The History of the Nike Air Flight...
A history of the iconic Nike Air Flight Huarache and how Michigan's Fab Five helped it shine in 1992.
Jordan Brand for Girls
Jordan sneakers for girls.
Converse Sneakers for Girls
The cutest selection of Converse sneakers for girls.
Nike Air Yeezy
Review of Nike Air Yeezy. Sneakers.
10 Coolest Sneakers for Preschool Girls
The ten coolest kicks available in a variety of colors, prints and styles that are sure to make any budding young female sneaker head happy.
Here At Last: The Air Jordan 6 “Sport...
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Painted: The Nike SB Air Jordan 1 by Lance...
The history and inspiration behind the painted, mismatched Air Jordan 1 by Nike SB and Lance Mountain.
Top 5 Sneakers in Detroit
Check out the most popular sneakers found on Detroit's streets.
Bape Ape Sta II
Review for Bape Ape Sta II. Sneakers.
Valentine's Day Sneakers
A list of Valentine's Day sneakers
Phoenix Sneaker Stores
Where to buy sneakers in Phoenix, AZ.
Sneaker Stores in London
Buy sneakers in London.
Profile of Converse sneakers
Profile for Airwalk. Sneakers.
The Best Beater Sneakers!
They're cheap, comfortable, lightweight, flexible, look cool with everything, and can handle plenty of abuse. Check out the list for the best casual kicks for kicking around.
Hottest Sneakers in New York
Check out the hottest sneakers in New York City.
Sneakers For Preppies
Sneakers For Preppies
15 Great Summer Sneaker Options
Fifteen of the coolest kicks to keep your feet looking and feeling fresh all summer long.
The Best Nike Sneakers
Here's a list of the best Nike sneakers out there today.
Nike Air Max 1 ND
Review of the Nike Air Max 1 ND. Sneakers.
Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS
Popular Asics sneakers by Onitsuka Tiger.
Sneaker Stores Dallas
Sneaker Stores Dallas
A Look at the Most Important Technology of...
A look at the most notable and important materials, cushioning technologies and concepts throughout the history of athletic footwear.
Nike Air Sneakers for Women
Nike Air Sneakers for Women
The 10 Best Sneakers of 2014 So Far
The ten best sneakers released in the first half of 2014.
Give the Gift of Comfort - Warm Sneakers
Winter sneaker boots for a holiday gift or you.
Jordan for Women
Jordan sneakers for women.
Nike Sneakers for Kids
A comprehensive list of all kinds of Nike sneakers for kids.
Black Mamba's Best: Kobe Bryant's 5 Greatest...
Kobe Bryant's five best signature sneakers from his long line of successful models, along with a little history for each.
Sneakers of Hip-Hop
Hip-hop sneakers infamous in Bboy culture.
Puma Speed Cat
The Puma Speed Cat is one of the most visibly popular sneakers in Europe.
Sneakers For Moms
Sneakers For Moms
Converse Sneakers for Women
The coolest selection of Converse sneakers for women.
The 5 Best Independent Sneaker Retailers Online
The five best independent online sneaker retailers. These are your best online destinations for the latest and greatest authentic kicks.
Nike Women Sneakers
Nike sneakers for women.
Sneaker Stores in Cleveland
A list of sneaker stores in Cleveland, Ohio.
Before You Sneakers for a Casual Office
Many offices have adapted a more casual environment for their employees. Dress codes have become more relaxed. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable is alright with many companies if it helps get your job done. Many major sneaker brands have embraced the growing casual work environment and have designed a number of sneaker suitable for the office.
New Skate Shoes 2013
Skate shoes for 2013 with brand new colorways.
Jordans for Toddlers
Air Jordans for infants and toddlers.
Scottie Pippen’s 10 Best On-Court Sneakers
An on-court look at the ten best sneakers Scottie Pippen wore throughout his career.
Saucony brand profile. Sneakers.
The 10 Coolest (and Cutest) Sneakers for Toddlers
The 10 coolest—and cutest—baby shoes to keep your little one looking fresh right from the beginning.
College Sneakers
Here's a list of great sneakers for the college lifestyle.
Sneaker Boutiques in Chicago
Sneaker Stores in Chicago
Nike Running Sneakers
From Adidas to Saucony to New Balance, everybody has their favorite brand when it comes to running shoes. Here's a list of running sneakers exclusively from Nike.
Nike Jordan AJF 6
The Jordan AJF 6: hype or gold? Sneakers.
Championship Kicks: All of Michael Jordan's NBA...
A look at each Air Jordan model worn by Michael Jordan during his six NBA Finals appearances.
Best Sneakers to Paint Custom Sneakers
Best Sneakers to Paint Custom Sneakers
Nike Air Max Skyline
Review of Nike Air Max Skyline. Sneakers.
Sneakers For the Concrete Jungle
Featured here are some of the hottest animal-print sneaker styles designed for the concrete jungle.
Nike's 10 Coolest Flyknit Sneakers So Far
After two years since Flywire technology debuted, it's time to take a look at the ten best models equipped with the innovative technology so far.
The 10 Coolest Sneakers for Preschool Boys
The 10 coolest kicks for your half-pint sneaker head.
Designed for Flight: The Key Technologies of...
A look at all the most important technology that has made the Air Jordan line the most advanced footwear in basketball.
Sneaker Boots for Kids
Warm sneaker boots for kids.
Sneaker History
How well do your know the story of your kicks? Here's a rundown of important events in sneaker history.
10 of the Coolest Vintage Sneaker Ads from the...
A look at ten of the coolest sneaker print ads from the 1990's, the golden age of sneakers and their advertisements.
Adidas for Toddlers
Adidas for Toddlers and Kids
Converse High Tops
The coolest editions of Converse High tops.
Adidas Superstar
Review for Adidas Superstar Shelltoe sneakers
Get Low: The Most Iconic Low-Top Basketball...
Get the low-down on the six most iconic and culturally important low-top basketball shoes in the history of sneakers.
Nike Sneakers for All Ages
Nike Sneakers for All Ages
Reebok Shoes for Kids
Check out the list for the best casual Reebok shoes for kids.
Learn all the important facts about Michael...
A complete history of the Air Jordan VI, Michael Jordan's sixth signature shoe from 1991.
Top 5 Sneakers in Portland
In Portland, natives mostly wear flip-flops and sandals. However, Converse and skate shoes are commonly found throughout the laid-back city. Here's the list of the mostly commonly seen kicks.
Hottest Sneakers in Dallas
Check out the hottest sneakers in Dallas, Texas.
Popular Puma Sneakers
They're cheap, comfortable, lightweight, flexible, look cool with everything, and can handle plenty of abuse. Check out the list for the best casual Puma sneakers.
Toronto Sneaker Stores
The place to find the coolest sneaker stores in Toronto.
The 9 Greatest 90’s Baseball Turf Trainers
The 9 most memorable diamond-specific designs from the golden age of baseball training footwear, the 1990's.
Kicks in Los Angeles
Kicks in Los Angeles.
Air Jordan 13
Sneaker review of the Air Jordan 13
Nike's 7 Greatest Technologies
Nike's seven most important technologies throughout the brand's history.
Jeremy Scott x Adidas
The list of timelessly cool sneakers from Adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott.
Nike Air Force 1 Safari
Nike Limited Edition Air Force One Safari
profile for puma sneakers.
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