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Mens Sneakers

Mens Sneakers


Too many sneakers our there to pick from? Don't know what's hot and what's not? Look no further, here are the hottest sneakers for men - for those who know!

1. Nike Air Force 1 (Lows or Highs)

Nike Air Force 1s are automatic style transmitters. Throw on a pair of khakis, black pants, or slick jeans and you instantly look fresh and clean. Basic white Air Force 1s are all you need to emit simple style. They are are super simple and that's what makes them sleek. Grab a pair of all-white ones and flash them like sparkling teeth with crisp new jeans.

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2. Retro Air Jordans

Air Jordans are still the most popular signature sneaker, particularly amongst men. The Nike Jordan is what put Nike on the map in the urban arena and crossed the line between athletic and casual sneakers. These hold legendary street cred. The best in the series based on STYLE are the Jordans 1-4 retro. When it comes to choosing a pair of Jordans, always stay retro.

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3. Vans Authentic

The Vans Authentic casual skate shoe is THE original classic. The shoe that started it all for Vans has remained a favorite since 1966. Never duplicated and never out of style, this deck shoe features a canvas upper with laces and a Vans' classic "Off the Wall" outsole.

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4. Converse Chuck Taylor

These classic Converse high top kicks are timeless and super versatile. If you do not feel like dropping a couple hundred on sneakers, a pair of Chucks is your safest bet. These will always be in style and you never really have to wait for new releases because every color imaginable is already out there if you look hard enough.

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5. Vans Shoes Half Cab Suede

You've been pulling that Fakie 360 Ollie for a while, but can you plant it better than its creator, Steve Caballero? Even if you can't, at least you can look as good on the board with Steve's shoe, the Half Cab. Back in the 90's, skaters were wrapping down Sk8-Hi's themselves for more ankle flex. Vans adopted that DIY style and released the Half Cab to offer you the same sturdy support of a high cut, but with the flexibility of low profile kicks.
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6. Adidas Top Ten

Image courtesy of Blue Panther

Back in 1979, the Adidas Top Ten basketball sneaker made its entry into the adidas basketball line-up. Tried and tested by ten of the NBA's finest, this shoe is reborn with a clean style, and a synthetic leather upper built for comfort. Lighter and less bulkier than the Adidas Forum, those who like less to carry around, choose the Top Ten over the Forums.

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7. Adidas Forums

Image courtesy of www.rakuten.co.jp/mischief/

The Adidas Forum builds upon classic Adidas styling to produce a slightly heavier and chunkier high top sneaker. Adidas Forums are superbly popular in New York, as well as, Asia and Europe. You can find them in all colors and they look great with any outfit. Add old school flair to your overall look. Go for the mids or highs. If you find these in silver, in Asia, you did very well, my friend.

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8. SB Eric Koston

The first of its kind to include Lunarlon technology, the Nike SB Eric Koston Men's Skateboarding Shoe promises the ultimate in comfort and impact protection. Inspired by a skating pioneer who constantly pushes the limits of the sport, this shoe offers unparalleled design ahead of its time...so they say.
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9. Nike Dunks SB

Image courtesy of Nike

Nike Dunks are probably the most visible sneakers on today's city streets. They come in all materials, colors, and themes. Whatever you are looking for, click on the link below and scan for the best prices. You can't go wrong with Nike Dunk SBs!

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10. Nike Air Max (Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Max 97)

The Air Max is embraced by runners and street fashionistas alike. In a sprawled out city like Los Angeles, which is home to hundreds of cultures and sub-cultures, different models of the Max are worn more than others. The most popular models: the Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and the Air Max 97 are spotted worn with dark denim and white t-shirts, dark windbreakers, nylon track suits, gym clothes, and evening club wear.
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