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Sneakers for Christmas Gifts!

Christmas Sneakers


Having trouble deciding on what to gift a loved one? Give the gift of kicks this holiday season! Check out the list for the most popular sneaker styles for great gift ideas. There's always a sneakerhead in the family or office.

1. Nike Shoes

Nike shoes are on most sneaker fans' wish lists. However, every Nike sneaker has its own following. Here are the most popular:

2. Converse Shoes

Converse shoes are super trendy amongst rockers, rebels, saints, and savages. Not only are they super simple and easy to maintain, they're versatile, go with everything, and are some of the most visible sneakers found in high schools corridors, shopping mall food courts, the streets, and nightclub venues. Here are the most popular styles today:

3. Vans Shoes

Vans are not only legendary and forever cool, but they've managed to cross sub-cultures over the years to the point where everyone is wearing them. Vans lace-ups and slip-ons are the way to go. Here's a slick collection of limited editions and very classic sneakers from Vans:

4. Adidas Shoes

Sneaker mania not only saw it's peak with Jordans, but thanks to Run DMC, hip-hop culture put Adidas on the map. Here's a slick collection of limited editions and very classic sneakers from Adidas:

5. Skate Shoes

From classic Vans to Nike SBs to Supras, here's a list of skate shoes for the skateboarder in your life:

7. The Coolest High Tops

The most searched sneaker of all are HIGH TOPS. Not only do they provide extra warmth for cooler seasons, but they go with just about anything -- even suits and dresses. The coolest high top sneakers of them all are all right here:

8. The Most Popular Sneaker List

Here you'll find kicks under $50, sneakers for preppies, the coolest retro kicks of them all, business casual shoes, lightweight sneakers, and more! Here are the most popular lists in sneaker world:

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