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New Balance Running Sneakers

The Best New Balance Running Shoes


New Balance will always be recognized for its great attention to detail in comfortable shoe design. Here is a list of some of their coolest sneaker models for runners.

1. New Balance 730

The New Balance 730 is the ultimate featherlight training shoe for women or men. Inspired by the body, infused with style, and engineered in a way where less is more, the New Balance 730 delivers a natural solution to ultra-lightweight running. They are great for uphill running, and for those that are used to jogging only a few miles a day.

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2. New Balance 1123

The New Balance WR 1123 comes recommended by women with all kinds of foot issues: plantar fasciitis, a bone spur, heel pain, over-pronation, weight gain, and more. They are lightweight, comfortable, and offer all the support you need on track or trail. Order up a 1/2 size because they do run small.
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3. New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 is a super classic retro sneaker that is as basic as a sneaker can get. Popular on college campuses and the streets of east coast cities, the 574 is known for its versatility and comfort. And though its basic design formula never changes, it keeps getting released in new colors to keep it fresh. So don't get fooled by it's laidback exterior. The 574 is a very hardworking and durable -- casual sneaker.
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4. New Balance 10

The New Balance 10 celebrates New Balance's refreshing departure from traditional athletic footwear. Engineered for use on pavement and other varied running surfaces, this ultra-dynamic shoe is supremely comfortable, very minimal in design, and extremely lightweight. Offered in an assortment of colorways and slight style variations in updated models from the same collection, these shoes are commonly labeled as New Balance MT, New Balance Minimus, New Balance Minimus Trail, or New Balance Cross-Training.

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5. New Balance 420

One of the coolest sneakers out in the market today is the New Balance 420. The shoe is stylish, slim, light, very slick, and retro. The 420 is a smooth glide. The outsole offers grip and the insole is well-cushioned. These kicks were created for serious runners or laid-back loungers. Either way, the 420 is versatile and makes a great everyday shoe.
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6. New Balance 998

The New Balance 998 was originally designed for large-frame runners. However, sneakerheads slowly started noticing them for their sleek and simplistic design -- and outdoor versatility. Featuring a retro sneaker laced with techno styling, the 998 mixes the best of the old with the new. The design team kept the shell of a vintage kick and focused on perfecting the comfort and support INSIDE of it. The result is what you see here. If you like a simpler cut, go for the New Balance 554.
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7. J.Crew for New Balance - New Balance 1400

Simple and clean, but priced more than more durable New Balance models. The J.Crew brand attachment adds to the price, but not to the actual value. If you're looking for super lightweight sneakers, then these could be it. J.Crew offers the iconic 1400 sneaker (originally launched in 1994), in custom colors to match their signature palette typically found in all their catalogs. After years of being available only in Japan, the model's stateside re-release has been a cause célèbre among connoisseurs.
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8. New Balance 576

This premium, limited-edition lifestyle shoe is typically crafted in the softest suede and equipped with all the right supportive cushioning for everyday comfort. Very close in look to its sibling, the 574, the 576 features all the same details, but offers a perfect blend of retro and modern style for a more sleek, athletic look.
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9. New Balance 1500

Originally released in 1993, the New Balance 1500 has always been a favorite kicker in sneaker society. Featuring a simple silhouette made in a suede, leather and mesh upper, this classic running style gives you a retro look and a comfortable fit. An ENCAP midsole offers quality cushioning to provide all-day support and a range of colorways gives you more choices to find a pair that suits your personal style...on Ebay.

10. New Balance 670

The New Balance 670 offers very minimal in design, but gives a lot of comfort. Possibly the most retro sneaker of the NB bunch, the 670 offers the most basic design of all NB shoe models. If simplicity is the slickness you want, then these might be right for your presentation.
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11. New Balance 996

The New Balance 996 is a comfortable, lightweight, and stylish athletic shoe. Choose between a leather or suede and mesh upper for lightweight comfort and support. An ENCAP Wedge/C-CAP provides durability, stability and cushioning. You'll have to scan the web and Ebay for cool finds. Also check out the list for beater sneakers for other versatile kicks.
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