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Vanereens or Vweians?


Fake Vans
The Exploding Vans Craze

Check out these fake versions of Vans. Vanereens or Vweians? Vweians is a Chinese company that shows no shame by introducing a knock-off brand versus just a knock-off sneaker.

Vans is really blowing up. Kids out there in the global arena are digging their slip-ons for their simplicity and versatility. Plus, they're considered neutral cool for being appealing across sub-cultures. And in this uncertainful market age, neutrality is the highest honor a brand can achieve.

Sneaker sellers can sniff out demand by watching how fast products fly. Plus they see technical ease in recreating the simple design of Vans's signature style shoes. The evidence is surfacing everywhere in the world by the crates. In fact, I see more Vans knock-offs now versus Converse - period.

In Portugal's small island city of Ponta Delgada, 1 in every 5 teenagers is currently wearing a pair of knock-off Vans or the real deal. It's at the same frequency as finding Converse in Seattle back in the mid-90s.

In Lisbon, one out of every hundred kids was wearing a pair of Nikes. And that one guy I finally did find sporting a pair, of Nike Blazers, was homeless. These are field results. There are several major brands in the sneaker market that have more muscle in certain areas than others for different reasons. To say Nike is number one around the world is a severely false perception. The numbers are found on the streets, not in the books.

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