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Before You Sneakers for a Casual Office


Two office workers wearing sneakers
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The days of dressing up for work have become a thing of the past within some company settings. The corporate world is readjusting itself towards making the work environment more employee-friendly and creative.

It's a 'Casual' Thing


In keeping up with the times, many companies are adapting more casual dress codes within their offices. It is no longer uncommon to hear how casual Fridays have turned into 'casual everyday' for some workplaces. At the same time, where does an employee draw the line when it comes to what should and should not be worn around the office?


    Defining a 'Casual Workplace'


    Just because your office is casual doesn't mean you can walk in with a pair of neon green sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt. Make sure you know the definition of 'casual' within your company before you go run out to buy a sneaker to wear to work. The human resources department of your company is the best place to find out exactly what style of dress is considered 'casual' and deemed acceptable for your workplace.


      Choose Your Sneaker


      Many sneaker brands have adapted styles that blend seamlessly into a more 'business casual' workplace. So what if your office does permit a business casual dress environment? Where should you hunt for the perfect dress sneaker to go with your wardrobe?

      The following link is a good place to start. It highlights some of the most current offerings that are appropriate for a business casual office.


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