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The Rise and Fall of Sneaker Mania

The Curse and Cause of Ridiculous Kicks


The Rise and Fall of Sneaker Mania

What's Killing the Sneaker Craze?

Let's face it. The sneaker craze has seen its best days. As lines are getting shorter for hyped-up limited editions and boredom is kicking around the corner waiting for the new best thing, here's a look at reasons for the decline in sneaker hysteria.

Overdose of Rubber

It's true. Sneaker companies have been churning out sneakers faster than the time it takes for a fat kid to spit out his bubble gum and tell us the flavor ran out. Nike Dunks are coming at us like all-you-can-eat steaks at a Ponderosa. Who can seriously keep up? Believe it or not, there are legions of sneakerheads who don't miss out on a Jordan or Dunk release. Yet despite this, the numbers are decreasing, and there are many reasons for this. One of them being, the oversaturation of rubber in the marketplace.

Too many crazy sneakers were coming out at the same time in a frequency that didn't allow consumers to savor what was already in the market. Too many sneakers in the same models were slapped with happy titles, hype stickers, a change up in colorway, and thrown at us in a consecutive wash cycle that turned the "cool" shock factor into a mechanical bore.

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