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Kids Jordans

Air Jordans for Kids and Toddlers


Here is a comprehensive list of all kinds of Air Jordans for kids and toddlers. You can also check out Jordan sneakers for men here, and Jordan sneakers for women here.

1. Air Jordan 7 Retro

The original AJ7 was a design that turned a few heads. Now, with a fit that hugs the foot and signature Jumpman style, the Air Jordan 7 Retro is a reincarnation that's ready for kids and toddlers.

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2. Air Jordan 1 High

The Nike Air Jordan I is how it all started in 1985, Michael Jordan began his reign and never looked back. Comfort, style and durability in a basketball inspired lifestyle shoe. You can find these in all colors for kids of all ages - and adults.
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3. Air Jordan 1 Toddler Basketball Shoes (All colors)

The Air Jordan I brought a new attitude to the game of basketball. Wear the shoe that was so hot, it was banned from the NBA! Click on the "COMPARE PRICES" link to see this style in all colors for little boys and girls!
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4. Air Jordan 1 Phat Low

A perfect blend of classic b-ball style and skateboarding sensibilities, the Air Jordan 1 Phat Kids' Shoe is sure to take them for a ride. Combination of full-grain and synthetic leathers, built from the inside out. Thickly cushioned linings offer a plush and minimal seam ride that speaks to comfort and elegance.

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5. Jordan Flight 45 High - Little Kids

The Jordan Flight 45 is an elite basketball shoe inspired by the Jordan Flight series that offers high performance and unsurpassed style. The upper is a combination of full-grain leather and synthetics plus an inverted strap system that provides an authentic look with superior function.

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6. The Air Jordan 6-17-23

Six plus seventeen equals twenty-three: the number that changed everything. The Air Jordan 6-17-23 shoe is a heroic hybrid design that mixes the iconic Air Jordan VI with the Air Jordan XVII, which makes for a truly original style. The tongue features musical notes that pay homage to the Air Jordan XVII's jazz influences. Side vents add breathability to help keep your feet dry and comfortable, while superior cushioning offers comfort and support. Find these in all youth and toddler sizes.

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7. Jordan Classic 90 - Toddlers

Get a classic look with modern performance technologies in the Jordan Classic 90. Made with a full-grain leather upper with foam lining for support and comfort. Find these for all ages.

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8. Air Jordan 8 Kids

The original Air Jordan VIII was released in 1993 as a high-performance pair of kicks that enabled MJ to three-peat as a world champion. The Air Jordan Kids 8 takes the original look of the Air Jordan VII and fuses it with the sole of the Air Force 1 to create a fresh, hybrid style. The upper is made of leather with quilted stitching and is tricked out with the same classic inversion straps, bold colors and fuzzy Jumpman logo on the tongue as the original VII.

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9. Air Jordan Retro 3

1987-1988 was an outstanding year for Michael Jordan performance wise. Mj won the Slam Dunk contest, All Star MVP, All-Defensive First Team and Defensive Player of the Year. Through all this success, he was wearing the Air Jordan 3.

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10. Jordan Infant 5-Piece Jersey Set

Even the littlest Jordan fan can dress like his hero with the Jordan Infants' Basketball Jersey Five-Piece Set. This set features a Jordan bodysuit, booties and a cap.
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