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Puma High Tops

High Tops Puma


Here's a sweet and simple list of the hottest Puma high tops out there today. You can find the majority of these classic Puma styles in different colors and materials if you search hard enough. For a list of iconic Puma sneakers, go here. For THE LIST of the most popular high tops on the streets now, go here.

1. Puma Tipton

Add rugged style to your wardrobe with this hiking boot-inspired shoe. The Puma Tipton offers a rich leather upper which elevates its otherwise laidback design, while the lacing system – featuring heavy-duty cord laces, D-rings, and hooks – gives it an authentic look. The cushioned midsole and thick rubber outsole offer comfort all day long, and the overall design of the shoe offers versatility to any wardrobe. Check out more sneaker selections from Puma here.
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2. Puma Schumacher Racing High Tops

Comparable to the Puma Speedcat, The Puma Schumacher Racing High Tops are futuristic updates to the classic motorsport silhouette. Focused on comfort, they feature perfect softness and comfort with a supple and durable leather upper. Slimmer than most Puma shoes, the racing style edge offers Euro detailing with contemporary aesthetics. You can find these in a variety of colorways now.
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3. Puma Suede First Rounds

Puma First Rounds are hot! The super nice suede uppers and the perfect color combos makes these a stellar must-have as high tops. If you can imagine these First Rounds in an alternative color, keep scavenging and I guarantee you'll find what you're looking for. Puma First Rounds are great for people who can take care of suede! Otherwise, go for their leather ones!
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4. Puma Sky 2 Hi

For the old-school aficionado who loves his sneakers but loves his country more, these limited-edition Sky 2 Hi Olympic Games from PUMA is a must-have! ; First introduced as a basketball shoe in 1980, it has full-grain leather uppers. Padded collar with signature double-straps for that classic look and feel. Contrast-colored synthetic leather lining with a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort. Traditional lace-up front with contrast, metallic eyelets and a padded tongue for secure fit. Old school styling goes with any outfit.
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5. Puma Chukka Schuh Nubuck

Comparable to the Vans Chukka or the Airwalk Chukka Skate, the Puma Chukka Schuh Nubuck offers the best of both worlds and more. Who says boots and sneakers can't be combined? This shoe from Puma proves they can. Featuring lace-up design, nubuck leather upper for a comfortable fit, a high ankle for optimum footing, and a rubber sole for greater grip on the move. You can score these sneakers in black, brown, tan, olive, or brown.
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6. Puma Global RallyCross GRC Street Mid Grafic Shoes

This statement introduction of the Puma Street Mid is inspired directly from the high performance car driven by Dave Mirra on the Global Rallycross circuit. With a unique graphic treatment throughout, speckled midsole and eyelets, the shoe has direct creative design elements that tie to the cars seen on the track. Colors and graphics remain connected to the car colors, particularly the teeth graphic seen on the front grill of Mirra and Lasek's Rally cars. A unique statement for the ultimate GRC fan.
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7. Puma Explorer Boots

Puma delivers a shoe that offers wilderness protection, rugged durability, and climate versatility. Cool Puma Explorer boots suit both men and women and promises comfort for both. Featuring a high top sneaker style upper with insulated interiors and a nice outsole for maximum grip, you really can't go wrong with these. Priced at $49, these are sweet for those sneakerheads that hate standard winter boots or typical hiking shoes. Dig deep on Ebay or ask around for these deadstock kicks.
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