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Denver Sneakers

Denver Sneakers


Check out the most popular sneakers found on Denver's streets.

1. Saucony Grid 9000

Once the envy of all runners, the Saucony Grid 9000 is as fresh today as the day it was when it first debuted in the fall of '94! Featuring a combination of mesh, suede and synthetic uppers for durability and comfort, and a foam-padded collar for an overall snug, comfy fit. If you can't find a good selection at the button below, do a random search on Google for a wider variety.
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2. New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 is a super classic retro sneaker that is as basic as a sneaker can get. Popular on college campuses and the streets of east coast cities, the 574 is known for its versatility and comfort. And though its basic design formula never changes, it keeps getting released in new colors to keep it fresh. So don't get fooled by it's laidback exterior. The 574 is a very hardworking and durable -- casual sneaker.
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3. Converse Chuck Taylor

Probably one of the world's most popular sneakers ever. Converse offers classic design that hasn't changed in years. These kicks can be found on people of all ages and across many subcultures. In Denver, they are more popular around the campuses and malls, than on the streets, where you're better off being seen in a pair of Nikes.

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4. Nike Dunks SB

The SB Dunk retails on average between $65.00 - $99.00; relatively low for sneaker standards. However, since they’re popular among collectors and skateboarders alike, many stores tend to raise the prices on the shoes based on how high the demand is for a particular release. You can browse through the selection here or just scour the web on your own.
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5. New Balance 420

One of the coolest sneakers out in the market today is the New Balance 420. The shoe is stylish, slim, light, very slick, and retro. The 420 is a smooth glide. The outsole offers grip and the insole is well-cushioned. These kicks were created for serious runners or laid-back loungers. Either way, the 420 is versatile and makes a great everyday shoe.
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6. New Balance 998

The New Balance 998 was originally designed for large-frame runners. However, sneakerheads slowly started noticing them for their sleek and simplistic design -- and outdoor versatility. Featuring a retro sneaker laced with techno styling, the 998 mixes the best of the old with the new. The design team kept the shell of a vintage kick and focused on perfecting the comfort and support INSIDE of it. The result is what you see here. If you like a simpler cut, go for the New Balance 554.
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7. Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium

In 1982, the Air Force 1 became the first basketball shoe to became hugely popular with ballers and trendsetters alike. This classic Nike sneaker, praised numerous times in hip-hop lyrics, is a definite Detroit street favorite.

White AF1s are commonly found worn on all occassions and in all environments. They are commonly found matched with a pair of crisp 'out-of-the-dryer' baggy jeans, an XL button-down shirt, and/or XL white or gray t-shirt. So, just as a set of white teeth can beam the shiniest smile around, local slicksters can be found rocking the all-white kicks to flash the freshest style in town. Also popular are Air Jordans.

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8. Adidas Originals Top Ten Hi OG

An iconic low-top born of legends, the Adidas Top Ten Low shoe returns for OG glory. Tried and tested before its original 1979 release by ten of the NBA's finest, this shoe is reborn with a clean style, and a synthetic leather upper built for comfort. Lighter and less bulkier than the Adidas Forum, those who like less to carry around, choose the Top Ten over the Forums.

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9. Adidas Forum

The "old school" styling and comfort of the Adidas Forum will take you back in time. The Forum high top builds upon classic Adidas styling to produce a slightly heavier and chunkier kick. These seriously cool kicks are eternal classics in the Colorado. Silver, black, white, navy, and basic uniform colorways consisting of no more than two colors are the slick way to go. Check out more classic kicks from Adidas here.

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10. Nike Air Max 90

First released in 1990, the Nike Air Max 90 is the third generation of the original Nike Air Max. Found in all colors and an assortment of limited editions, the Nike Air Max 90 is a good durable running shoe with extreme street versatility. Air Maxes are spotted worn with dark denim and white t-shirts, dark windbreakers, nylon track suits, gym clothes, and evening club wear. Equally hot is the Air Max 1.

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11. Adidas Superstar (Shelltoes)

The Superstar was introduced in 1969 as the first low-top basketball shoe to feature an all-leather upper and the now famous rubber shell toe. Also known as shell toes, they were first made popular by hip-hop legends Run-DMC and have been a constant hit ever since. Adidas Superstars were the first low tops with an all-leather upper. Equally popular, are the classic Adidas Stan Smiths.

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