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Best Sneakers to Paint Custom Sneakers

Best Sneakers to Paint Custom Sneakers


Customizing your own sneakers can be fun and easy if you start with the right shoe. Choosing the right sneaker is like picking the perfect canvas to begin a masterpiece. White sneakers are the simplest to customize, and so are those made of either leather or vinyl. Unless you are familiar with the many different types of paints and how they are applied to different surfaces, a canvas sneaker can be a trickier surface for a beginner. Once you pick a shoe here, go here to learn how to customize your sneakers from start to finish. Also, check out the bulletin boards for the latest custom kicks photos here.

1. VANS Slip-ons

Vans offers more creative space to draw on than any other sneaker. Many sneaker artists specialize in customizing only Vans Shoes. Check out one of the coolest selections of custom painted Vans Shoes here! To learn how to customize sneakers, go here.
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2. Nike Air Force 1s

In 1982, the Air Force 1 became the first basketball shoe to became hugely popular with ballers and trendsetters alike. This classic Nike sneaker, praised numerous times in hip-hop lyrics, is a customizer's favorite. Grab a fresh pair of these in all white and get creative. They offer tons of room to give each of your ideas a pair of wings.
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The TOMS slip-on in classic canvas is another new shoe of choice for sneaker artists. Plain neutral colors are the most painted, and darker canvas shoes look good with white paint-markers. TOMS and VANS artists often trade frequently amongst the two brands to showcase their work. Do a Google search for TOMS custom shoes and you may get inspired to try a few ideas.
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4. Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse Chuck's were the original scribble kicks. They were perfect to scribble your latest crush's name, favorite bands, cheat sheets, reminders, and phone numbers at random. The Classic is another favorite for custom artists and while some favor working with just Nike, Vans, or Toms -- some prefer working with only Converse shoes.
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5. Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks were the most customized kicks in 2007-2009. Everyone was customizing Nike sneakers like there was no tomorrow. Then when tomorrow finally came around, people switched over to Vans and Toms to work their artistic magic. Artists were simply looking for more space. If you want to create a cool design, you can start by searching for shoes already in color you need to save you some paint if a certain color is a dominant force in your art.
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6. Adidas Superstar (Shelltoes)

The Superstar was introduced in 1969 as the first low-top basketball shoe to feature an all-leather upper and the now famous rubber shell toe. Also known as shell toes, they were first made popular by hip-hop legends Run-DMC and have been a constant hit ever since. Adidas Superstars were the first low tops with an all-leather upper. Equally popular, are the classic Adidas Stan Smiths.

The Shelltoes and Stan Smiths are the most customized of the Adidas family.
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7. Air Jordans

Custom Jordans are popular and cater to a die-hard fanbase. However, they're really hard to find. Since the shoes already cost a lot to buy, many artists don't like painting them just in case they don't please anybody or are in a size nobody will buy. There is more risk is using Jordans as canvases than cheaper alternatives. Also, many Jordan fans pay so much attention to detail that they're better off buying something already sold as intended without aiming to change anything. More creative expression can be found on a pair of Dunks.
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