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The Best Adidas Sneakers

Adidas Sneakers


Here's a list of the best Adidas sneakers out there today.

1. Adidas Superstar

First produced in 1969, the Adidas Superstar was the first low-top leather basketball shoe made. With its rubber toe box, it became known as the “shell toe”. The styling and fit were adopted by key figures on the hip-hop scene.  The shoes reached iconic status when the rap group Run-DMC endorsed them and paid homage in the track, My adidas. They remain icons today.

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2. Adidas Top 10

Back in 1979, the Adidas Top Ten basketball sneaker made its entry into the adidas basketball line-up. Tried and tested by ten of the NBA's finest, this shoe is reborn with a clean style, and a synthetic leather upper built for comfort. Lighter and less bulkier than the Adidas Forum, those who like less to carry around, choose the Top Ten over the Forums.

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3. Adidas Decade Hi

<p>The Adidas Decade Hi is from the eighties and it's often overlooked as one of Adidas's classic gems. Found in an array of cool, and equally pukey, colors, Decade Hi's a slouchy versions of Forums. For under $30, this sneaker is a steal.</p>

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4. Adidas ZX Racer

The Adidas ZX Racer takes us back to the basics. Standard old school coolness is eternally timeless in the style department with these kicks. These are as simple as sneakers come and possess an around-the-clock versatility that makes them an instant favorite. It's a toss up between the black and yellow ones and these royal blue and white ones. Either way, these are here to stay on several 'Slickest of the Slick Lists' to come! Grab a pair of these and keep them squeaky clean.
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5. Adidas Forum

The Adidas Forum builds upon classic Adidas styling to produce a slightly heavier and chunkier kick. Finding cool Forums can be tricky as they do disappear fast, especially if you live in the Midwest. Also listed as one of the hottest high tops on the streets, you can find these in all sort of colors and cool anniversary editions. You can start browsing for a pair here.

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6. Adidas Samoa

First introduced in 1977 as a training shoe, the Samoa took game day to the streets and has become a decades-long fan favorite.  The Samoa’s durability and lasting style meant it wasn’t going anywhere as its popularity grew. Known for its signature suede toe box and distinctive Trefoil tread, the Samoa is available in a wide range of colors and has the versatility to dominate any scene.
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7. JS Gorilla Adidas

Introducing the big, wild cousin of the designer's now legendary Teddy Bear shoes. These men's adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Gorilla shoes bring a fierce jungle vibe to every step with a furry gorilla build and a gorilla head on the tongue. Jeremy Scott even includes a Trefoil t-shirt for the gorilla to wear. Gorilla sits on an Adidas Forum.
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8. Adidas Gazelle

Produced in 1968, the Gazelle’s original purpose lies hidden in mystery and speculation. Its silhouette suggests that it could have begun as an indoor soccer shoe. The streamlined shape, simple styling and flat sole are topped off with the suede upper to create a classic piece of design. It made a real impact on the early hip-hop scene, is worn by b-boys today and has been adopted by skaters and indie-rockers alike.

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9. Adidas Campus

First released in 1982 as the Tournament, the Campus is without a doubt one of the most iconic adidas sneakers ever produced. Known on the hip-hop scene and soon adopted by skateboarders worldwide, the Campus gained a following after Brooklyn rappers the Beastie Boys started to wear the shoe religiously. The association was immortalized in the cover of their 1992 album Check Your Head.

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10. Adidas Pro Model

These Adidas Originals Pro Model shoes move to the front of the line of iconic remixes. They put a full grain leather upper behind the legendary shell toe and add metallic gold Trefoils on the tongue, heel tab and side of the shoe. The Pro Model is a cleaner, slicker version of the classic Adidas shelltoe in a drawn-out high top form. You can check out the list of retro classic kicks here.
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11. Adidas ZX 500

The Adidas ZX 500 are very retro cool multifunctional sneakers. However, the good colorways of this model are rare indeed. If you could find these in a stylish color combo, grab these if you can. They'll come handy for days out in the woods or just exploring the streets. For added slickness, try the Adidas ZX 700, or even Adidas Racers.
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