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Balance Cool with Your Sneakers


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Balance Cool with Your Sneakers
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Sneakers play a vital role in balancing your overall look. If you wear sneakers that are too narrow or clunky with jeans or too wide or too slim, the effect can offset your image in an uninviting way. Achieving balance in your overall look is dependent on how slick you are at matching shirts with the right style jeans that flow well with what you have on your feet. Looking balanced automatically radiates confidence. It's true when you hear people say that the way you dress is your presentation. Presentation is all about balance.

So what is balance all about? Let me try to explain it as simply as possible:

A clown is supposed to make people laugh. Therefore, he tries to look funny to serve that purpose. He'll wear big clumsy shoes that stick out and pair them up with either big pants and a small shirt, or small pants and a big shirt. By making his overall effect look out of proportion, he succeeds in winning a few smiles. Looking funny is about looking sloppy. Looking cool is about looking balanced.

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