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Pleather vs. Leather Shoes

Pleather vs. Leather Shoes


Pleather vs. Leather Shoes
The word “pleather” is a popular slang term for synthetic leather made out of plastic, and is actually a combination of the words “plastic leather.” Other words to describe the material are: man-made materials, polyurethane, artificial leather, vegan leather, leather-like, leatherette, faux leather, koskin, PVC, patent leather, and vinyl.

Nowadays, its more common to see pleather more than leather. Not only is it cheaper to produce, but some brands use the excuse that they are being kind to animals for the switch over to plastic. Artificial leather shoes, handbags, wallets, furniture and car seats are becoming the norm. Yet sadly, despite the vast cost difference between genuine leather and pleather materials, many companies are getting away with charging the same price for either. Ethically, it is wrong; however, since pleather has flooded the market (even via major department stores), the general population does not seem to see it as a big deal. Yet it should be for some.

WHY LEATHER IS BETTER Leather stretches with the shape and size of your feet. It allows them to breathe and feel comfortable, while pleather does not offer either. However, pleather could be better for handbags and so forth, because they are not directly worn on the body. For instance, a good leather jacket will protect you from the cold, but a pleather jacket could make you even colder. Same with shoes.

ADVANTAGES OF PLEATHER Pleather is easy to clean, requiring the owner to simply wipe it off occasionally with a cloth dipped in a solution of mild detergent and warm water. This simple care routine ensures a longer life for pleather garments, making them nearly as durable and reliable as their true leather counterparts. Today, the coolest shoe styles are found in leather. If your feet can handle plastic shoes, then you have more choices to select from on any given rack. However, if you are like some of us who can only wear leather shoes for comfort reasons, then you have a smaller selection of shoes to choose from. This is very true in today's market. Even major brands like Nike are churning out both pleather and leather shoes.

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