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Puma Speed Cat

Puma Speed Cat

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Puma Speed Cat
The Puma Speed Cat is loved for its slim styling and comfort ability. However, these thin kicks are more popular overseas than in America where chunkier kicks with thicker soles are more desirable. Here's a assessment of the shoe based on the wisdom of previous buyers.
The Puma Speed Cat is exactly what you need in a casual, everyday sneaker. Inspired by European streetwear, and worn mostly by Europeans, these sneakers were designed after car racing shoes worn in various types of racing. The most popular kind found are all black uppers with the Puma white swoosh on the sides. This model has a loyal following of repetitive buyers. Meaning, people that wear them usually own several pairs.


Though these have a distinctive sporty look, they are not made as walking shoes. So wearing them for more than 6 hours usually leads to discomfort. The bottom soles are thinner than Converse or a pair of Chucks. These shoes are not recommended if you have flat feet. If you walk on rocky surfaces you WILL feel them. So, these shoes are more for hanging out and overall casual lounging versus really active wear -- even though they looks athletic.

The Verdict

Puma Speed Cats are very durable and offer breathability. When previous buyers were asked if they would buy another pair, the majority said they definitely would. These shoes are not designed for folks with wide feet and they do run small. They are comfortable and light on the feet for short-term wear, and keep in mind they were designed for DRIVERS. I would advise people to buy a 1/2 size larger than their usual fit. If you get the sizing right, then you should have no complaints with the Speed Cat and could very well be buying additional pairs into the future.
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