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Nike Tennis Classic CL

Classic 80s!

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Nike Tennis Classic CL
Image courtesy of Mita Sneakers
Nike's Tennis Classic CL are indeed classics. They're so simple and sharp, they'll only add to your game.


Taking the simplicity from retro skate shoes and old school sneaker styles is pretty much what you get with the Nike Tennis Classic CL. These sneakers have retro styling with modern sleekness.

Comfort and Fit

Nike Tennis Classic CL is built for the court, the street, or country club. They are very comfortable and make great everyday sneakers.


A rich leather uppers offers support and style. A solid rubber outsole offers great traction. What these sneakers offer is comfort and a cool retro attitude.


Sneakers worth the investment. The Nike Tennis Classic CL will last long to take several beatings before you have to throw them out. They are definitely super cool.

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