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Native Shoes

The New and Improved Crocs of Today

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Native Shoes
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Native is inspired by the classic casual silhouettes, but made with the lightest and most comfortable material available. It's the best of both worlds: footwear for the future done in the style of everything we've ever loved about shoe design.


Native shoes are made from 100% EVA, an environmentally amphibious material that allows each pair to be ultra-comfortable and all-terrain. This unique material molds to your feet, is antimicrobial and odor-resistant: a perfect combination of tech, comfort and utility.


Available in several styles and bold colors, Native shoes can easily be compared as the new Crocs of today. Crocs came out years ago and were quickly embraced for their comfort, quickly replacing the more costly rival, Birkenstock. Now Native offers sneakers and shoes using a similar technology, but in models offering a more slightly enhanced styling.

Shoe Models

Timeless and iconic, the Corrado offers a universal look that you can sport on a yacht or in a canoe. Its moccasin like form combines the essence of nature with high society. An intelligent choice for those on the go! The Miller is the ultimate versatile street shoe for those that loved the simplicity of Keds. It functions on a casual level while keeping your formal options open. The The Jefferson resembles a rubberized version on classic Chuck Taylor Converse. The shoe defines itself as an instant classic, bold and edgy. It's the perfect mix between good taste and subtle rebellion. All shoe models slightly resemble shoe models that are already successful on the market today. If you are looking for comfy kicks, but don't know what to get, try on a pair of these for their breathable technology.


Available now for $44.99 at Bloomindales and Atrium, you can find a local retailer near you through the compnay's web site here: www.nativeshoes.com
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