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Puma Clyde

The Puma Suede

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Puma Clyde
Also known as the Puma Suede, the Clyde is a shoe made for legends.

The Creator Behind the Classic

The Puma Clyde is a classic shoe made popular by Walt "Clyde" Frazier. There are few sneakers that truly garner the title of classic and the Puma Clyde is one of them, especially with its basketball roots and casual prowess the Puma Clyde truly signifies all that Clyde Frazier was known for. Clyde was certainly known off-court for his snazzy dressing as well as his cool, calm, and collected exterior on the court. His personal style and nature seemed to rub off on this shoe as his only goal in 1973 as a New York Knick was for Puma to create a wider-fitting version of their suede basketball shoe. Puma went on to sign and endorse the athlete, later having his nickname imprinted on every shoe.

More on Clyde

Clyde Frazer was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but will forever be remembered as a New Yorker. Clyde was selected 5th overall by the Knickerbockers in the 1967 draft, and brought with him, his signature swagger along with his passion for winning. The only two titles in Knicks history came with Clyde running the show at point (1970, ’73). Clyde held Knicks franchise records in points (14,617), and assists (4,791), and was named to NBA All defensive team a whopping 7 times. Though many of his franchise records were eventually superseded by Pat Ewing, Clyde was named one of the 50 greatest players of all time and named to the 1987 Hall of Fame class along with Pistol Pete and Rick Barry.

King of Cool

Clyde was renowned for his style both on and off the court. Clyde received his moniker for his ice cold method, and for wearing the same hat as Warren Beatty in the movie Bonnie and Clyde . Clyde was oft pictured in tailor shops, and cruising to and from the Garden in his two-tone Rolls Royce. Puma cashed in on Clyde’s household swag status through the inception of the Puma Clyde in 1973. The Puma Clyde is a bespoke version of the Puma Suede. Just like Clyde himself, the Puma Clyde was equally at ease on and off the court. The Puma Clyde has become one of the most recognizable and re-stlyed shoes in history, and was even the feature of a museum exhibit in Melbourne, Australia. The Puma Clyde has been refashioned in a multitude of different styles and packs including the Puma “giant” Clyde made in conjunction with Freshness Magazine. From the original White/Orange colorway that Clyde donned on the Garden floor, to the Vaughn Bode edition, the Clyde remains one of the most popular basketball shoes ever, even 30 years after its inception.
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