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Nike Air Force 1


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Nike Air Force 1
Rooog Knows/Flickr
Nike Air Force 1s are automatic style transmitters. Throw on a pair of khakis, black pants, or slick jeans and you instantly look fresh and clean. Basic white Air Force 1s are all you need to emit simple style. That's where AF1s excel over the rest, they are super simple.


Wear a pair with socks, and you will find comfort. Wear them without padding between your feet and sole, and you may feel a bit constrained. These are not the type of sneakers that you can wear bare, unless you want funky feet. Plus, these are the type of shoes that need regular care to help preserve them. AF1s are chunky but not as heavy as they look.


Thick soles, sturdy uppers, and a medium-sized toebox are what to expect from Air Force Ones. If you like them white and looking forever new, it will take some effort to do regular maintenance on your part. Otherwise, their design is very clean. You can wear these out with suits, tuxes, shorts, anything. Thumbs up for the ultimate versatile sneaker.


Your most versatile pair of sneakers in your closet is the one you can wear out the most for any event and outfit. Air Force 1s easily provide balance to your overall image and can accentuate your style without much effort. That's what makes them so great! Grab a pair but be ready to take care of them. One scuff can ruin the whole look.

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