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Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk”

The Nike Dunk "Skunk"

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Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk”
Image courtesy of Nike
Nike is infamous for pushing the boundaries of creativity for the Dunk series. The latest may trigger the craziest phase to date!


The Nike Skunk is going to be infamous and a definite collectible! It is by far one of the craziest kicks to be dropped from the Nike camp to date! Featuring a skunk’s eyes on the insole, the stash spot in the tongue, and the materials used to resemble actual cannabis,it's not hard to figure out what's the inspiration behind the SKUNK!


Some sneakers are made to be worn and some kicks are made as pieces of art. Let's not act all innocent here and face the reality. Marijuana usage in America and the world is increasing at alarming rates. Kids are confused and frustrated everywhere and find that smoking a dime helps them unwind. So why shouldn't a company like Nike try to cater to the demographic that buys into their shoes? I think you get the idea. If these were scratch n' sniff I think the hype would knock out the clouds from the sky; however, I think the visual design alone is enough to get registers humming -- all over the world! Grab your pair today, but don't try to smoke it!
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