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Nike Air Venture

Nike Air Venture

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Nike Air Venture
An 80's classic - revisited.

Unparalleled in Functionality

The Nike Air Venture was originally created for runners who needed unparalleled support and comfort. Now it's been transformed into a sleek sneaker with the same design concept and modern updates. It features a nylon upper with suede overlays, a phylon midsole for cushioning and a waffle rubber sole for traction. You get Nike running "technology" in a simple shoe == redesigned to be stylish.


An 80s model revamped, the Nike Air Venture is as retro as retro can get, yet it is still very modern in materials and design. If you stick with one of the standard retro sneakers that were once classics, you miss out on where the money is really at - in the design engineering of the shoe. It's updated, while old school sneakers stay just that...old.
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