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New Balance 10

New Balance 10

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New Balance 10
The New Balance 10 celebrates New Balance's refreshing departure from traditional athletic footwear. Engineered for use on pavement and other varied running surfaces, this ultra-dynamic shoe is supremely comfortable, very minimal in design, and extremely lightweight. Offered in an assortment of colorways and slight style variations in updated models from the same collection, these shoes are commonly labeled as New Balance MT, New Balance Minimus, New Balance Minimus Trail, or New Balance Cross-Training.


The New Balance 10 offers lots of sneaker design technology in a minimal interface. The shoe is stylish, slim, light, and very slick. Plainer shoes like the all black or all white versions seamlessly weave both elegant simplicity with technical advancement. If you like slimmer shoes that attract European or minimalistic trendsetters, then perhaps the New Balance 10 strides right up your alley. If you want something chunkier, check out a list of other popular New Balance shoes right here.


These sneakers are very snug, flexible and comfortable. Their star feature is that they are intentionally designed to be lightweight and feel almost bare. However, the outsole offers grip and the insole is well-cushioned. Slip into these with thin socks or even bare and you shouldn't feel any discomfort. They mold around your fit for a nice custom fit. These kicks were created for serious runners or laid-back loungers for this reason. It appeals to those that just want super light sneakers to run in OR people that absolutely love hanging around barefoot. Both troops will be happy campers with these shoes. Extra perks include an odor resistant cushion and a water-resistant synthetic/mesh upper helps keep feet warm and dry. So in other words, you can navigate the trails through the winter months with this water- and odor-resistant running delight.


Taking the running world by storm, the New Balance 10 is inspired by Good Form Running and is designed to be worn with or without socks. Not only do they feel like you are almost barefoot, but also shoeless. If you're tired of bulky shoes then the New Balance 10 is the sneaker for you! They feature a no-sew forefoot construction which minimizes weight and reduces seams -- for those seeking to conquer gait issues. In addition, the soles are made of lightweight blown rubber for effective bounce and forward push. With only a 4mm drop from heel to toe, as little as a third of that of a traditional running shoe, the NB Minimus collection holds a world of discovery for neutral runners. Not only are they good for trail runners and all sized frame runners, but speed walkers too.


The revolutionary New Balance 10 shoe brings barefoot-caliber performance to your gym and circuit workouts while still providing the protection and versatility of more traditional trainers. It is carefully designed to mimic the natural shape of the foot, providing a more fitted feel that is similar to a comfortable sock. If you want comfortable, super lightweight, water- and odor-resistant running shoes, then look no further than the New Balance 10. It looks like a simple shoe that can't offer much, but in reality, it's a dream that works like a machine. On the downside, this shoe also increases the strain on the foot, calf, and Achilles tendon. New Balance recommends limiting initial use to 10% of overall running workouts and very gradually increasing time and distance. Since you will be transitioning your feet from a former chunkier shoe into a very bare one, your feet need to get used to the thinness of the new sole and slowly get accommodated to the amount of pressure your body is putting on a new light shoe. Once you transition, your feet will get used to running barefoot on concrete again like you once did as a child.
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