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Shin Tanaka


Shin Tanaka
Image courtesy of Shin Tanaka

Japanese graffiti artist inspires the kid in us all:

Shin Tanaka is a paper toy creator, graffiti writer, and designer from Fukuoka, Japan. He first started creating his iconic paper creations while he was still a college student, crafting paper models of all the sneakers he couldn't afford to buy. Since then, Tanaka has gone on to become an international design superstar. His sneaker designs are best known for their exquisite attention to detail. As a result, he has worked with over 20 sneaker brands from around the world.

A new twist on an ancient art form:

Shin Tanaka has perfected one of the most delicate forms of origami and translated it into an urban language. He does it all the same way an engineer designs a car - with calculated precision. "My vision was to mend the line between street culture and the global sneaker phenomena", said Tanaka. "The sneaker has become a vehicle for creative exchange and my sneaker templates online have provided people with a vehicle to exchange styles and ideas," he added.

Internationally known:

Tanaka's sneakers have captured international attention. He keeps a busy schedule traveling around the world, leading design workshops and signing autographs. Sneaker fanatics love him just for his ability to create amazing paper sneaker designs that so closely resemble the ones they collect and hoard.

Take on your own papercraft challenge:

Shin has instigated thousands of collaborations worldwide. He is known worldwide as being an innovator of papercraft and creator of the most widely recognized graffiti and urban paper toys on the market.

Tanaka encourages everyone to download his free templates and create their own designs. Go to this link and download the infamous sneaker template. After you design it, take a photo and send it to him. He loves seeing and sharing what others have done with his templates. He may even use your masterpiece as part of his next collaborative series.

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