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Sneaker Artists

Discover some of the slickest sneaker artists flooding the art scene today. Find out what makes these artists stand out from the crowd and grab yourself a bit of inspiration.

Sneaker Coloring Book
Sneaker coloring book out of Germany.

Shin Tanaka
Shin Tanaka and his infamous custom sneakers made from paper.

The Killer Gerbil
In Singapore, the Killer Gerbil has made quite an impression on the city streets with his bold graffiti style and loud kicks.

Marazia and Giamblaco
From Milan comes Leonardo Marazia and Francesco Giamblanco who are both kings of sneaker customization in Italy. They have designed sneaker concepts for Spike Lee and Marc Ecko.

Jeremy Scott x Adidas
The list of timelessly cool sneakers from Adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott.

Graf1n’ Squad
Graf1n’ Squad aka “Da CustoMastaZ” is an artistic duo of two graffers, from Geneva, Switzerland. Born taggers, sneakers came easy. Check out what makes them hot in Europe.

Mad Colours
From France, Manu Custom aka Mad Colours creates some of the most craziest yet colorful sneakers for his site. Check out what's the latest from this bold brother.

Johnny Jaywalker
Johnny Jaywalker is a sneaker customizer from Norway who started designing sneakers over a year ago when he entered the Scandinavian Adicolor/Vice contest for fun and won. Then it was on.

Out of Montreal comes SCIEN of the 123Klan. Check out his latest creations and slick sneaker designs right here.

Hicalorie.com is the online portfolio and shop of the HiCalorieDesign crew. Besides custom sneakers they design toys and illustrations. Superfresh stuff from England.

C. Badiola
C. Badiola the man behind Metik Designs shows some custom sneakers on his site that were designed with a supreme love for details. Some impressive paint jobs are waiting for you to check out!

Dave White
Known for painting sneakers on canvas, Dave White has become a super popular name in sneakerhead circles. Check out his gallery here.

Methamphibian is an ongoing project established in 2001 by Peter Kim, encompassing Art, Design, Illustration and Graphics-driven Sneakers/Apparel. Check out his latest here.

Insa is still best known in the UK for his faultless 3D graffiti pieces and sexy Nike fetish kicks.

Sekure D
Sekure D is one of Australia's leading sneaker customizers with distinctive and detailed style.

Taboo Drops a Sneaker Line For Jump
Taboo from Black Eyed Peas starts his own sneaker line. Check out his latest goods here.

The Sneaker Art of Max Berliti
The Sneaker Art of Max Berliti

The Amazing Sneaker Art of Ezra Pirk
The Amazing Sneaker Art of Ezra Pirk

The Amazing Sneaker Art of Ezra Pirk
Sneaker artist Ezra Pirk is Switzerland's next best thing to chocolate.

Mighty Crown's Yas 5 Paints the Walls for Nike
Check out this slick triple collaboration that went down in Japan to promote Nike's Dynasty High Premium.

Custom Vans Shoes
The Coolest Custom Vans Shoes

Best Sneakers to Paint Custom Sneakers
Best Sneakers to Paint Custom Sneakers

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