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Vans High Top Sneakers

Vans High Top Sneakers


Here's a sweet and simple list of the hottest Vans high tops out there today. You can find the majority of these classic Vans styles in different colors and materials if you search hard enough. For a list of popular sneaker styles from Vans, go here. For THE LIST of the most popular high tops on the streets now, go here.

1. Vans Sk8 Hi

These old school sneakers by Vans are one of the longest running skateboard shoe models ever. These kicks are slick, very flexible and extremely versatile. Also called Van Old Skools, find these in a variety of cool colors and prints! You can also scan a list of Vans Pro models here.

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2. Vans Owens Hi 2

The Owens Hi 2 builds on the success of the original Owens by slimming down the vulcanized outsole height for a modern look, and improving the heel stability with a molded heel clip. The original WaffleGrip outsole is mated with Vans's Megathane sockliner to improve comfort and prevent heel bruising. All the upper panels are double- and triple-stitched throughout, along with a slimmer profile around the collar and an all-new, removable nylon ankle strap. Woven logos, premium suede, and canvas finish off this hesh-influenced, performance-driven style shoe.
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3. Vans Caballero High or Half Cabs

Take a trip back to old school to re-discover the shoe that inspired the Half Cab, the Vans Caballero High. As the story goes, Steve Caballero wasn’t content with the ankle on his Vans Caballero High. Armed with a pair of scissors and some duct tape, Cab took the ankle height down a peg, creating not only a more skate-friendly shoe, but a classic sneaker in the process. The Half Cab was born almost 20 years ago. If style is your ambition, then grab these. If sport support is your aim, grab the Half Cabs. It's no surprise that most pros with a pro model shoe have skated the Vans Half Cab at some point in their careers, and because its classic design uses suede uppers on a midtop design and a vulcanized sole construction with Vans waffle grip, this is the ideal shoe for every realm of skateboarding, which Steve himself has mastered.
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4. Vans Alomar

The Alomar takes styling cues from Vans' classic Chukka Boot and infuses those subtleties with the fashionable aspects of a modern, slimmed down high top to create a shoe that pushes the boundaries between skate and street fashion. Clean-looking cupsole with detail stitching inspired by the high-end sneaker market, the also features a full length EVA midsole keeping the Alomar comfortable all day long, while subtle heel tab logo and tread pattern are a distinct tie-back to the Vans heritage. Check out more popular midtop sneakers here.
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5. Vans Piercy

The Piercy brings Vans heritage midtop style into the realm of contemporary street wear design. Basically, it is a slimmer sneaker aimed to fit into the high-end sneaker category. Yes, slimmer-profile construction features high-end materials and Vans' traditional OTW tread pattern, plus a higher price tag. A deluxe update to their popular Bedford mid-top, the Piercy is refined with a costlier profile, minimal collar padding and an extended toe ramp.
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6. Vans Alcon

The Vans Alcon combines a design inspired by the high-end sneaker market with the distinguished lines and premium materials of a fine boot. Featuring a super comfy upper and a chunky sole to get you where you need to go, what else could you need in a very stylish, laid-back shoe?
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