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High Top Sneakers

High-Tops for All Seasons


High top sneakers are eternally cool. Find a hot pair that represents your style!

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1. Nike Air Force 1 High

Nike Air Force 1s are automatic style transmitters. Throw on a pair of khakis, black pants, or slick jeans and you instantly look fresh and clean. Basic white Air Force 1s are all you need to emit simple style. They are are super simple and that's what makes them sleek. Grab a pair of all-white ones and flash them like sparkling teeth with crisp new jeans.
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2. Converse Chuck Taylor

These classic Converse high top kicks are timeless and super versatile. If you do not feel like dropping a couple hundred on sneakers, a pair of Chucks is your safest bet. These will always be in style and you never really have to wait for new releases because every color imaginable is already out there if you look hard enough. The Converse sneakers pictured here are made of soft leather and perfect for those who easily rip up their shoes.

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3. Retro Air Jordans

Air Jordans are still the most popular signature sneaker, particularly amongst men. The Nike Jordan is what put Nike on the map in the urban arena and crossed the line between athletic and casual sneakers. These hold legendary street cred.

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4. Vans Sk8 Hi

These old school sneakers by Vans are one of the longest running skateboard shoe models ever. These kicks are slick, very flexible and extremely versatile. Also called Van Old Skools, find these in a variety of cool colors and prints!
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5. Adidas Top Ten

Back in 1979, the Adidas Top Ten basketball sneaker made its entry into the adidas basketball line-up. Tried and tested by ten of the NBA's finest, this shoe is reborn with a clean style, and a synthetic leather upper built for comfort. Lighter and less bulkier than the Adidas Forum, those who like less to carry around, choose the Top Ten over the Forums.
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6. Adidas Forum

The "old school" styling and comfort of the Adidas Forum will take you back in time. The Forum high top builds upon classic Adidas styling to produce a slightly heavier and chunkier kick. These are seriously cool kicks.

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7. Adidas Winter Ball

Very cool solid leather uppers highlight this very well-constructed warm and cozy silhouette from Adidas. You can find these in dark brown or navy, but they'll cost you over a bill. If you're looking for comfy sneakers for winter, go here.
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8. Nike Dunk High

Nike Dunks are the hottest sneakers on the streets today. Offered in crazy cool colorways and in materials beyond your imagination, find the Nike Dunk in a color of your liking. Nike Dunks are offered in highs and lows and limited releases are easy to grab off the net.
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9. Element Omahigh Swap Meet

Wide decks, huge wheels, and plastic runner rails are no match for the Element Men's Omahigh Swap Meet Shoe. This all-80s high top is a veritable Godzilla of a skate shoe. Slim sole padding provides insanely accurate board feel and cold-connect construction ensures durability and comfort. You can find these in a variety of shocking colorways.

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10. Gravis Lowdown Hi-Cut LX

The Gravis Lowdown is a simple stylish high top in an electric slick colorway. Featuring a full leather upper and a lightly padded footbed offer added comfort and support. These hot kicks are a great addition to any wardrobe. Use them for skate, club or street.
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