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Canvas High Tops

High-Tops Made of Canvas


Looking for canvas high top sneakers? Here is a list of the coolest ones out in the market today.

1. Converse Chuck Taylor

These classic Converse high top kicks are timeless and super versatile. If you do not feel like dropping a couple hundred on sneakers, a pair of Chucks is your safest bet. These will always be in style and you never really have to wait for new releases because every color imaginable is already out there if you look hard enough. The Converse sneakers pictured here are made of soft leather and perfect for those who easily rip up their shoes.

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2. Supra Skytop

The Supra Skytop came with a loud hype machine, and though many competitors came and went, Supra still remains in the sneaker game. Featuring a canvas upper, grain interior lining, a perforated heel panel, a removable Velcro strap, and a rubber sole. What you see is what you get. Supras comes in a variety of colors and materials, and if you like narrow toeboxes in your high tops, then these are especially for you! Many of their different styles of shoes are offered in canvas. Be sure to ask and look around.

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3. Adidas Nizza High

One of the first shoes to make the off-court crossover, the adidas Originals Nizza Hi shoes continue their reign as style pioneers. This time they have a breathable canvas upper, a half-rubber toe cap and the iconic vulcanized outsole.

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4. Reebok Top Down

Reebok Top Down sneakers feature a fold down ankle wrap - so you can wear them laced up to the top or try a different look with the ankle side out. Available in two colorways - purple/white (as pictured) and gray/white - they feature a durable canvas upper with the Reebok name emblazoned across the upper ankle support. If you can't find these in a color or size you want, keep your eyes peeled on Ebay.
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5. Nike Toki

So fresh and so clean, clean. The Toki has become a staple in Nike’s catalog, and with makeups like this, we can easily see why. Presenting a variety of royal color schemes neatly wrapped in canvas, the Toki is as simple as a sneaker can possibly get. Lightweight, durable, comfortable, and made to suit a variety of lifestyles and purposes, this shoe is a versatile everyday gem.
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6. Vans Sk8 Hi

These old school sneakers by Vans are one of the longest running skateboard shoe models ever. These kicks are slick, very flexible and extremely versatile. Also called Van Old Skools, find these in a variety of cool colors, prints, and materials! Also, check out the best of Vans Shoes here, and the list of the hottest Vans Pro skate shoes here. Vans will always offer timeless style because they will always be in style.
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7. Nike Vandal

The Nike Vandal was produced from only 1984 to 1987 for basketball as their sole purpose. And instead of using leather, Nike constructed the shoe with thick canvas or nylon. Nike Vandals that featured the nylon were named Nike Vandal Supreme and were sold with different colored sets of laces and a velcro ankle support strap that came in a three way color scheme. Nike Vandals were one of the first fashionable basketball sneakers by Nike.

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8. PF Flyers

The Center is the authentic basketball shoe from the 1940's with the Posture Foundation cushion and signature ribbed toe. This version is wrapped in canvas with the classic PF ankle patch. If you get tired of your old Chuck Taylors, grab yourself a pair of PF Flyers. Check out more classic retro sneakers here.
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