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Toning Sneakers

The Best Toning Shoes for Women and Men


Toning sneakers have slowly risen to fame over the past couple of years, but not many people tell us if they really work or not. So, do they work or don't they? I believe they do. From personal experience, I've seen great toning effects after wearing a pair of snowboard boots everyday for a whole season. The soles of the boots were shaped and curved exactly like toning shoes, even though I had never heard of toning shoes at the time. So years later when toning shoes became a hit, I knew they would work just by remembering the soles of my boots from years back. So, the idea behind all these shoes is right and really works, but which "curve" is more effective over the other? Here's a list of the best toning sneakers for women and men.

1. Puma BodyTrain

Get the most out of every step with PUMA BodyTrain. These slim, lightweight toning shoes activate key leg muscles to enhance natural movement and your overall look. Which means you’ll be walking sexy everywhere you go. Weighing in at 205 grams, the BodyTrain is one of the lightest toning shoes on the market. Its feather-like weight means less stress on your joints and more comfort for all day wear.
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2. Skechers Liv Smart

The Skechers Liv Smart is the smart shoe for you! Feel the burn, enhance your daily routine and feel the comfort in the Skechers Liv Smart training shoes. Walk or jog and transform the impact into reusable energy with its unique design! It's a bit chunky in appearance, but very light on the feet.
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3. Nike Free Run+ 2

Taking a cue from the intricate workings of the bare foot, the Nike Free Run+ 2 Running Shoe is designed to maximize the foot's natural range of motion while providing protection and cushioning for a smooth ride. Without sacrificing the feel of barefoot running, the Nike Free Run+ 2 Shoe delivers a plush, cushioned ride. Phylite material seamlessly fuses the midsole with the outsole, creating a one-piece design that's as resilient as it is durable. The molded sockliner mimics the curves of the foot for a comfortable, supportive fit.
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4. Nike Air Venture

The Nike Air Venture was originally created for runners who needed unparalleled support and comfort. Now it's been transformed into a sleek sneaker with the same design concept and modern updates. It features a nylon upper with suede overlays, a phylon midsole for cushioning and a waffle rubber sole for traction. You get Nike running "technology" in a simple shoe -- redesigned to be stylish. An 80s model revamped, the Nike Air Venture is as retro as retro can get, yet it is still very modern in materials and design. If you stick with one of the standard retro sneakers that were once classics, you miss out on where the money is really at - in the design engineering of the shoe. It's updated, while old school sneakers stay just that...old.
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5. New Balance Rock and Tone

The New Balance Rock and Tone shoes feature a rocker sole which is capable of absorbing the impact force in the heels and rolls the foot forward in a smooth manner which further stimulates barefoot walking in soft sand. The TrueBalance system joins a C-CAP midsole with a 3/4-length TPU leaf spring system and a rounded blown sole to strengthen muscles and blast away calories. This lightweight design is great for everyday wear whether you have exercise in mind or not.
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6. New Balance 420

One of the coolest sneakers out in the market today is the New Balance 420. The shoe is stylish, slim, light, very slick, and retro. The 420 is a smooth glide. The outsole offers grip and the insole is well-cushioned. These kicks were created for serious runners or laid-back loungers. Either way, the 420 is versatile and makes a great everyday shoe.

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7. Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 14

A running shoe designed for the mild overpronator who requires a combination of cushioning, stability, and solid footing. The Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 14 features a breathable open mesh upper, durable synthetic overlays for targeted support, and a unique fit system in the upper that helps lock the midfoot over the midsole and ensures the heel stays securely in place. Overall, this is a very good running shoe.
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8. Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7

Need shoes to anchor your feet? The Zoom Vomero 7 keeps it plush and comfortable for long-haul pavement pounding. On the upper, the heel collar wraps you in comfort, the tongue is nicely padded, and the forefoot gives you plenty of room to spread out. Your heel feels locked in place, but even the heel cup is nice and soft. Another great running choice from Nike.

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