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Puma Boots

A Selection of Puma Boots


Puma offer a wider array of sneaker models like no other sneaker brand. Their boots also come in a variety of styles and are customized to appeal to people from many different parts of the world. Check out this list of interesting picks found all over the globe.

1. PUMA Zooney Tall Boot Winter

Go for the heights of sophisticated style with the Zooney Tall Boot WTR from PUMA. Featuring a water-resistant suede upper, faux-shearling trim detail, an extended rubber toe and heel rands for enhanced protection, and a lugged rubber outsole that provides lasting traction and grip in wet conditions.
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2. Puma VV Suede Boots

Step into some sporty style with the VV Suede Boots ($100) by Puma. These athletic-inspired boots feature full side zip, contrast piping, and rubber sole. Available in Bracken Brown or Kombu Green. Look for these on Ebay or through exclusive retailers online.

3. Puma Zooney Mid Boot

Toss out last season's clunky, old snow boots and slip into the toasty warmth and "cool" looks of the Zooney Mid Boot from PUMA. Very much like its taller version, these comfy boots can be found in an array of colors. Like black or brown? Or how about purple or gray suede? Find these now in the look of your choice to match your current wardrobe.
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4. Puma Explorer Boots

Cool Puma Explorer boots suit both men and women. Featuring a high top sneaker style upper with insulated interiors and a nice outsole for maximum grip, you really can't go wrong with these. Priced at $49, these are sweet for those sneakerheads that hate standard winter boots.

5. Puma GV Alpine WTR

With a fresh style, the Puma GV Alpine WTR sneaker boot is the perfect cold weather option. It has a leather upper and hiking-inspired details as well as an outsole with rubber lugs for solid traction. The rubber GV midsole offers stability throughout the unpredictable winter months. Removable insole.
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6. Puma Dr Clyde Desert Boots

Built on the Puma Clyde, these boots are less restricting than their counterparts, and superbly slick. If you are a Puma lover, you gotta have this shoe. It doesn't matter if you've never seen a desert in your life! You can score a pair from a selection of cool colors. Go directly to the vendor's site for more looks.

7. Puma Chukka Schuh Nubuck

Who says boots and sneakers can't be combined? This shoe from Puma proves they can. Featuring lace-up design, nubuck leather upper for a comfortable fit, a high ankle for optimum footing, and a rubber sole for greater grip on the move. You can score these in black, brown, tan, olive, or brown.
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8. Puma Sport Gravity Mid

The Gravity Mid from Urban Mobility, by Hussein Chalayan, is as luxurious as a dress shoe while still letting your look remain low-key. Featuring a leather upper, front lace-up closure with blind eyelets, a genuine leather lining and insole, and a rubberized outsole, these are made for the euro stylish mountain man in your life.
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9. Puma Z Nylon

This sporty and functional winter boot has a great feminine appeal that will get you through the cold-weather months in style. Made of non-wicking quilted nylon that looks like a puffy, cozy winter jacket, it also features a cinch closure at the shaft for the perfect fit. Perfect for west and snowy weather, you can grab these while you still can -- today.
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10. Puma Urban Motus Lace Hi

Whether you wear this boot folded down or at its full height, this sexy silhouette from Urban Mobility by Hussein Chalayan will finish your ensemble in style!Featuring a reverse Italian suede upper, lace-up closure with metal eyelets, genuine leather lining and insole, calf leather footbed, polished wedge heel, and a textured, rubberized outsole, these Italian gems can look hot only if worn right.
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