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Jordan for Women

Jordan Shoes For Women


A comprehensive list of all Jordans shoes for women. You can also check out Jordan sneakers for men here, and Jordan sneakers for kids here.

1. Air Jordan 1 High

The Air Jordan 1 was first released in 1985, kicking off not only the greatest legacy in sneakers, but also the greatest legacy in basketball history. No matter what corner of the globe you are in, there is always a huge demand for the original Air Jordans.
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2. Nike Air Force Ones AF1(Highs and Lows)

Own the original classic that made its breakthrough in the 80's with NBA players, and is now idolized by fashion, hip-hop and street icons. In 1982, the Air Force 1 shoe became the first baller shoe to feature Nike Air technology in its innersole. It took a few years to gain traction in the market, but once it did, it was unstoppable.

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3. Air Jordan 3 Retro

In 1988, while wearing the original Air Jordan III, Mike earned his second dunk title, locked down league MVP and was named Defensive Player of the Year. The Air Jordan 3 celebrates these inspiring moments--and the hero who created them.
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4. Air Jordan 1 Flight High

The Air Jordan 1 Flight High is a perfect choice for women as it is one of the most stylish sneakers from the Jordan bunch. It has a suede leather upper with the signature jumpman logo featured on it, and the air sole that adds  an extra spring to your walk. Find these online in various colors.

5. Air Jordan 5 Retro

The Air Jordan 5 was released in 1990 and once again featured innovative and creative designs and features. Sturdy and snug-fitted, the AJ5 is another classic favorite!

6. Air Jordan Classic 87

The Air Jordan Classic 87 is a casual kick with plenty of style to it. Designers have drawn inspiration from the Jordan 2 and Jordan 3, which are actually the two models in which MJ won his Slam Dunk Contests. Therefore, this is the type of model that combines everything that Jordan stands for as a brand, style and history of excellence.

7. Air Jordan Force 12 AJF12

Said to be the 'Best of Both Worlds', theAir Jordan Fusion 12 was the start to a long campaign by Jordan Brand fusing retro Air Jordans with Air Force Ones. The Air Jordan Fusion 12 blended the casual style of the Air Force 1 with the iconic silhouette of the Air Jordan 12 in a way that few could imagine.

8. Air Jordan Force 3 AJF3

9. Air Jordan Force 4 AJF4

10. Air Jordan Fusion 5 V

The Air Jordans Fusion 5 was the second series of Jordan Fusions released. It comes in more colorways than any of the other model and is popular for its slick look.
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