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Vans Hosoi LTD SK8-Hi


Vans X Hosoi (Editions 1-3)
Vans Hosoi LTD SK8-Hi

One of the freshest designs by Vans ever.

Image courtesy of www.ecinco.net
Introducing the Vans x Christian Hosoi Part 1. Designed by one of the 10 most stylish and influential skateboarders of all time, Christian Hosoi was the most famously progressive skateboarder in the world for much of the '80s. His classic suede and canvas model is enhanced with an upgraded polyurethane foam footbed that increases cushioning and compliments the grip of the Vans waffle sole.

Grab these while you can! The third edition pack released by Hosoi and Vans is also very slick. If you can't find the ones here, check out the Vans SK8 Hi Vert Pro Hosoi that made 2008's Sneaker of the Year.

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