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How to Customize Your Own Pair of Sneakers


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Get Your Paints
How to Customize Your Own Pair of Sneakers
Image by Blue Panther

Now that you have an idea of the image you want to create and the colors you need, it's time to pick your paints.

People frequently ask me about which types of paints and supplies I use for my sneakers. Paint markers are usually a very good option for customized sneaker projects. These can be found at your local art supply store or online. If you go to an art supply shop you can usually test the paint markers before you buy them.

Some paint markers release very weak paint and some are extremely watery. These types do not work well for sneaker art. Make sure the markers you choose have the thickest consistency for the best results.

Paint markers are available in various tip sizes: fat to skinny. Based on your sketch, choose the proper tip sizes for your image. You want to be able to control lines, fill space and define curves. The thinner the tip, the easier it will be to draw details and get to those hard- to-reach spaces. The thicker the tip, the more paint you can spread to large areas.

Spray paint can also be used. However, if you use spray paint as a base, make sure you get skinny caps to keep the aerosol from covering detail you want to show. Spray cans are harder to control and best used on large canvases. I advise beginners against using spray paint for their custom sneaker project. Take my advice and stick to paint markers if perfection is what you seek.

Lastly, you may want to pick up a can of clearcoat. This is entirely optional but may be useful in extending the life of your artwork. It can provide a barrier against the potential cracking that can occur if the customized sneakers are worn too much.

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