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Design Your Own Adidas

Custom Adidas Forums or Sambas

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Want to personalize your sneakers so they reflect your soul and personality in every way? Now you can.

Turn Your Sneakers Into You

Now you can add your own personal flair to any of your favorite Adidas sneaker models. Have you been hunting for sneakers in a specific color scheme that is personal to you? Have you always wanted your name, country flag, or team logo added to your shoes? Have you ever wished you could change the materials used to make a shoe? Now Adidas offers a variety of personalization options to make your kicks very true to YOU.

Sneaker Models You Can Design

Adidas Forum Mid "MNR 3"Angel Gonzalez/Flickr
All of your favorites are now available online for you to color away. Adidas provides you with all their popular sneaker styles such as: the Adidas Samba, Adidas Forum, Adidas Superstar, Adidas Gazelle, Adidas Campus, and many more!

The Positives

Now you can have sneakers that are truly original. Nobody else is going to have a pair of kicks like those you design and you can always sell them on Ebay as one of a kind gems if you don't like the end product. However, nothing is cooler than being able to design your own unique masterpieces just like the hip-hop pros.

The Negatives

Cost of custom sneakers from Adidas start at $100 to $200 and over. Yes, designing your own kicks could be costly; however, it costs the brand more to make a pair just for you rather than mass produce tons in one color scheme made for the majority. Another slight negative is the limited color palettes some of the sneaker models are offered in. For instance, if I wanted to paint up my own Adidas Forums, the colors I want may not be available and you are forced to choose from colors you may not like. So, if price and color range are issues with you, I would suggest taking a bunch of paint markers and customizing your kicks at home!
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