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3 Magic Tricks to Revamp Your Old Kicks!


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A must-have for cleaning sneakers!

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Let’s face it. Throwing dirty sneakers into a washing machine to achieve a flawlessly refurbished result is nearly impossible. Most of the time, they turn out worse than when you first threw them in. And when you toss those kicks into a dryer, the sound of them thumping around is sure to annoy someone, if not yourself.

So I devised a cheat sheet that will help you make your old sneakers look clean and close to new. Before we get cracking, you need 3 tools on hand:

1. Bleach pen (for white soles)
2. White fat laces; however, you can choose skinny ones or add color if you wish.
3. A sponge for vinyl and leather sneakers, bleach and a pack of Ritz for fabric sneakers.

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