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History of KangaROOS:

It all began in 1979 when the American architect and avid jogger Bob Gamm needed a place to put his money and house key during his daily 10 kilometer run. As necessity is the mother of invention, Gamm designed an athletic shoe with a small zippered pocket that in a short time established itself as a new trend in footwear. KangaROOS exploded on the market selling more than 700,000 pairs of sneakers per month by the early 1980s.

The 80s:

The 1980s were glorious years to be in KangaROOS shoes. Professional athletes like Walter Payton, Clyde Drexler, William Perry, Vince Coleman, Ron Darling and Ozzie Smith were the famous ambassadors of the label. After earning a fortune with KangaROOS, Mr. Gamm was determined to create the ultimate running shoe. In the mid-1980s, he collaborated with Ray Tonkel (former Nike designer) and NASA to develop Dynacoil, a patented energy release system that is widely used today by many footwear companies.


In 1985, Gamm once again pushed KangaROOS footwear on the cutting edge of technology. He experimented with various running shoe designs at the KangaROOS Laboratory & Gymnasium at the University of Illinois (a 10 000-square-meter testing facility). This allowed KangaROOS to develop and market sneakers for many different sports, including basketball, American football, hockey, tennis and track and field. In the 1990s, the brand continued to expand throughout Europe. As the brand became more and more popular all over the Europe, it lost some of its appeal to American consumers. Nevertheless, KangaROOS decided it was time to launch its own apparel and other sport-lifestyle accessories. Just in time for the KangaROOS 30th anniversary, One7 Holdings LLC of Boston, MA, bought the rights to sell and design KangaROOS in the USA. At the same time, the brand released a Walter Payton Limited Edition Collection to celebrate its long history.

Today, KangaROOS are successfully marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide. The footwear company changed its tactical focus from performance sports to sports lifestyle. Most of the footwear still bears the famous zippered pocket on the side. You can own a piece of history and some real comfortable footwear right now.

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